Northern California Art Conservators offers an abundance of services. Below is a complete listing of these services provided:
• Complete Examination
• Photograhic Documentation
• Preparation for Storage or Display
• Collection Surveys
• CAP Surveys or item by item
• Conservation Treatment of Paintings and Works of Art on Paper
• Written Condition and Proposed Treatment Reports
• Technical Analysis
• Pigment Analysis • Materials Research
• On-site examination and Treatment
• Consultations and Educational Programs

When you select Nothern California Art Conservators, you can expect the following standard practices: Procedures: We will want to examine the object before suggesting a treatment. Prior to beginning a treatment, we will provide for your review and approval, a written preliminary examination report with a description of the proposed treatment, expected results, and estimated cost. We will consult with you during the treatment if any serious deviation from the agreed-upon proposal is needed.

Cost and Schedule: We will discuss the basis for all charges and determine if there are separate rates for preliminary examination and evaluation and if these preliminary charges are separate or deductible from a subsequent contract. Feel free to ask questions about insurance, payment terms, shipping, and additional charges. We will let you know our schedule and if a waiting period is necessary before new work can be accepted.

Documentation: We will provide a treatment report when treatment is completed. Our reports vary in length and form but will list materials and procedures used. The final report may, if appropriate, include photographic records documenting condition before and after treatment. Recommendations for continued care and maintenance can also be provided. All records will be retained by us for reference in case the object requires treatment in the future.